Pricing & Packages

Once you have decided you need HELP, you are probably wondering what a freelance office manager / virtual assistant costs. Prices obviously vary, depending on the level of work, number of hours, long-or-short term, etc. I have created some packages for you to choose from. But since everybody has their unique questions and wishes, we can always schedule a Skype/ call to discuss the options. Simply contact me to schedule a free call. No obligations. Promise.


Occasional Help Deal

This is a ten-hour-ticket. You can make use of my skills and talents for ten hours on an irregular basis, for tasks that I can perform from my home-office.

Translating a document, doing desk research, editing or updating a website, creating your invoices, etc. The ten-hour-ticket is valid for six months and costs € 550,-.


From Chaos to Order Deal

Is your office a mess? Still haven’t unpacked the boxes, filed the numerous papers lying around or bought that stapler?  Don’t know where you stand regarding your financial situation, simply because all your invoices are still in a pile in your in-tray?

For a one-time investment, I will not only clean up the mess but put a structure into place that makes it possible for you to keep on top of things. The price for this package will be determined after I have assessed your situation and starts at € 250,- Simply contact me.


Monthly Administration Deal

With this deal, I can be the link between you and your accountant. If you are used to just dumping your receipts and bank statements on your accountant's desk, you may be paying way more than necessary.

With the help of a simple excel file or bookkeeping package I can keep track of your income and expenditures, while at the same time making it easier for your accountant. Costs depend on the number of invoices you receive or send on a monthly basis and starts at € 50,- per month. The work can be done virtually or from your office, depending on your wishes and set-up.