Danielle professionalized our organisation considerably”

People 4 Earth hired Danielle to help out with some HR related tasks and general office support. Within a short period of time, Danielle professionalized our organisation considerably by bringing structure to our back office, introducing handy tools and implementing office procedures. We have experienced Danielle as a very social and effective professional in office management

— Nico Broersen, Founder and Managing Director, People 4 Earth

“Her eye for details has prevented mistakes”

Danielle is an asset for the team. She is accurate, gets jobs done and thinks ahead of what is needed. She works efficiently and takes complex tasks with pleasure. Her eye for details has prevented mistakes. As a person, she is a joy to work with.

— Natasja Oerlemans, Head of Food & Agriculture, WWF-Netherlands

Danielle is an anchor in the office, she is a pro-active, intelligent office manager with a very nice personality. For anyone in need of a super PA or office manager, I recommend her wholeheartedly.

—Monique Grooten, Conservation Director, WWF Netherlands


"She made me feel completely confident things were taken care of"

Danielle has assisted my company (Do-inc) in the start-up phase with everything from contracting staff to accountancy and business travel.  She made me feel completely confident things were taken care of in an efficient and professional manner. Apart from that she is a pleasure to work with and she contributed a lot to the atmosphere of our organisation.

—  Claudia Doets currently at Cardano Development

“Danielle has performed excellently in planning and organizing a wide range of activities”

I am delighted to recommend Danielle who has slipped seamlessly into our team in the past 5 months – end August 2014 to January 2015 - and filled a significant gap left by my assistant who was on maternity leave. Danielle adapted to our way of working very quickly and has performed excellently in planning and organizing a wide range of activities – meetings (in person and virtual), travel, contract and invoice admin, and generally looking after our team and keeping us moving forward. It helps that she is action oriented, highly organized and someone who gets on well with a wide range of people.

— Richard Holland, Director Strategy & Operations, WWF International


"She is an expert when it comes to bringing order to chaotic situations"  

I’ve known Danielle since 1999 when met while working together. Even though she is Dutch, her English is perfect because of all of her international travels and experience. She is extremely professional, trustworthy and always proactive. She is passionate about the work she does and is an expert when it comes to bringing order to chaotic situations.  
From offices to annual meetings, there’s nothing that Danielle can’t organize quickly and efficiently. She is a creative pioneer who knows how to solve problems and get things done. If your office could use some help from someone who is loyal and easy to get along with, get in touch with Danielle.

— Stephanie Ward, Firefly Coaching

Danielle helped me bring order to our office”

Danielle was extremely helpful in bringing our office (CIEE) up to speed during a time of rapid growth. With a growing team, additional program offerings, increasing duties, a recent office move and all the extra's that come along with growth - Danielle helped me bring order to our office.
Danielle has a great eye for detail, was accountable, offered helpful advice, and was supportive in every way. She implemented handy HR systems, helped us get back on track with our bookkeeping, and was a trusted advisor. We considered Danielle part of our team and I'm happy to have had her on board. She came highly recommended from another NGO.

— Hannah Huber (in her role as director of CIEE Amsterdam) currently with Amsterdam Academy and Spark Women


"We found it a relief to have Danielle manage our administration"

Danielle assisted my company Do-inc by bringing the needed structure in our administration. After two years of pioneering ourselves we found it a relief to have Danielle manage our administration. Besides management of our important paper-flows (contracts, invoices, receipts) she set up a bookkeeping structure and drafted personnel contracts and manuals.  
If you are a start-up, or a company in need of professional office management support I can highly recommend Danielle to bring structure to your administration and relieve you of the administrative burden.

Edwin Dalenoord, now with EWWconsultancy

It's great working together with Danielle. Within a very short period she became essential for the smooth operation of our young & dynamic office. She's self-propelling, responsible and pro-active, most importantly she's fun to work with. A real added value to our team! 
Geert Eenhoorn (as managing director Do-inc), currently with Utz.

swift actions and efficient way of working”

I have hired Danielle several times over the last few years, and each time I am pleasantly surprised by her swift actions and efficient way of working. 
Together we designed and created three websites, and each one of them was operational within a few days. With her excellent computer skills she has also helped me to get started with my business, by creating email accounts, installing software and introducing me to several handy tools. It is always a pleasure working with her.

— Christine Klein, mr Christine Klein

With Danielle you really get a sparring partner...”

With Danielle you really get a sparring partner for the management as well as for the staff. She is not only doing a very efficient job in managing, sorting and finishing off all the paperwork, but also has good common sense and lots of experience in implementing smart solutions and new working-systems in order to make everybody’s working-life easier. As a staff member I also got to know her as someone who contributes to a good working atmosphere and who shows commitment by taking over responsibilities that go far beyond her official job description.

Till Loeper, then with People 4 Earth

We were very happy with the support of Danielle in organizing an international learning track and workshop for the Shared Resources, Joint Solutions program, implemented by WWF-NL, IUCN-NL and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With everything Danielle took on, we knew for sure that it would work out in every detail. Thanks to her support, the learning track and workshop were a great success! 

Lucia Helsloot, Program manager at WWF Netherlands

These recommendations and many others, also in Dutch, can also be viewed on my LinkedIn profile page.