I am Danielle Klinge, founder of Impact Office Management, and I am passionate about using my skills and talents to help social entrepreneurs, NGO's, foundations and small grant funds do what they do best. Because together we can create more impact.

If you are curious about me, read on. If you know enough, just contact me. Or click here to see my LinkedIn profile. Curious what former clients and colleagues have said? Read their testimonials.

In 2011 I founded ngo office support. I've had the pleasure to work with many NGO's, but I also like to help out many other organisations, like start-ups in sustainability and small grant funds. In September 2017 I changed my company name to Impact Office Management.

My background is in tourism and hospitality, but after years of travelling and working overseas (USA, France, UK, Canada and Australia) I found that my skills are best used in a role as office manager or virtual assistant. I am a generalist, I know a little about many things, and with my intelligence and problem solving skills I tend to find an answer to most (office-related) issues. 

My focus is on international organisations working on sustainability and / or nature conservation. Because I know the challenges, the language and the acronyms. Plus I value their dedication to keeping our world safe for future generations. Having said that, I will be happy to help others as well, as long as I can add value and create impact.

On a more personal level; I live in Den Dolder (The Netherlands) with husband and two kids, both in their teens. I still like to travel, and I love to read books, play tennis, watch movies, enjoy good food and wine with good people. Not necessarily all at the same time. I also love the warmth of the sun. I dislike dirty dishrags and I despise being cold. 


Danielle KLinge Impact Office Management and Virtual Assistant